Thoughts from our Investors

The vision of personalizing each and every smartphone is extremely ambitious, and it's something that everyone in the industry talks about without a clear solution. The kind of techniques Quettra is utilizing are a significant step forward toward developing a meaningful solution.
Topher Conway Partner, SV Angel
Mobile everything is changing so fast, and Quettra has some great technology to help developers understand the rapid evolution happening there, and a fantastic team so they're sure to be lighting the way for others.
Greg Badros Angel Investor & Advisor
Quettra combines a rock-star team of seasoned Google product and tech people determined to outshine their alma mater, focused on a product that delights ordinary people while delivering deep compute-driven back-end insights to demanding customers. DCVC is always privileged to back a great team pushing the technical envelope in a lucrative market.
Matt Ocko Co-Managing Partner, DCVC (Data Collective)
With the mobile ecosystems finally reaching a level of maturity, the time is right to dive deeper into the massive amounts of data being generated by these devices. Data which Quettra is primed to deliver.
MG Siegler General Partner, Google Ventures
We’re excited for our strategic investment in Quettra based on their ability to deeply understand the behaviors of mobile users. Quettra’s technology will help us provide personalized services to our 400 million users as we move into an age of predictive and assistive mobile experiences.
Yuqiang Deng Chairman & CEO, Sungy Mobile