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  1. Dec 102015

    Quettra + SimilarWeb

    Today I am happy to announce that Quettra has been acquired by SimilarWeb!

    Quettra was founded two and a half years ago with the vision to build an intelligent, sustainable, and profitable ecosystem to personalize, engage, and monetize the right mobile audience at the right time. In our mobile first world, we use our devices to be entertained, to connect, to share, to measure, and to interact with each other. Quettra allows for first impressions to be perfectly tailored to your users resulting in higher retention rates, increased user activity, and improved revenue efficiency. Our team has worked hard to build and distribute software that has seen over 185 million mobile devices in over 150 countries collecting and processing terabytes of mobile install and usage data while improving user experiences.

    Our team’s acquisition by SimilarWeb will give us the opportunity to empower even more mobile developers with a suite of tools and ultimately, to be a part of the world’s most comprehensive business intelligence platform. The combination of deep engagement analytics with the highest quality competitive intelligence will allow our developers to create the most engaging and impactful products possible.

    Starting today, I will be joining the SimilarWeb executive team leading its newly established office in Mountain View, California. Our entire team is excited to bring SimilarWeb to Silicon Valley and contribute to SimilarWeb’s mission to reveal the secrets of digital success.

    We want to say a huge thank you to our partners, our investors, our friends, and our families who helped us along this journey. Here’s to many more milestones under the SimilarWeb banner!

    A note to our developer partners: all of our services will continue operating normally. We will send you some exciting product update related news in the coming months to make our offerings even richer!

    Ankit Jain
    Founder & CEO, Quettra Inc

  2. May 152015

    By: Ankit Jain

    Seventy-Seven percent of users stop using the average app within the first three days of installing it.

    Read that seven times.

    Suddenly, Twitter’s 45% loss doesn’t seem too bad while Pinterest’s 64%, LinkedIn’s 71% and eBay’s 73% definitely show opportunity for growth.

    The 77% Problem is Real and Hurting Developer Success

    From our founding days, our goal has been to understand mobile users at a very deep level and use this understanding to improve the end user’s experience. The more developers we talked to, the more we realized how badly the 77% problem was hurting developers.

    “We’re wholly committed to using our mobile intelligence platform to help developers create magical and engaging moments for their users.”

    Mobile apps are hard to build and even harder to turn into daily habits. Very few pass Larry Page’s famous “toothbrush test”. The 77% statistic proves this. Most users install apps to browse and try them out but never stick around enough to become repeat users. They will definitely not become repeat customers.

    (See more for announcement)

  3. Mar 192015

    By: Ankit Jain


    Quettra plays at the intersection of many fields: mobile, web services, data mining/machine learning, large scale distributed data processing, and data visualization. As we started executing on this vision, one thing was clear: we needed to build a core team that could take any software problem and tackle it. That sounds pretty cliché; but we needed folks with such diverse skills to pull off our vision that the only way to do so in a financially efficient way was to hire folks that had the strongest basics and then learn a lot as part of the team.

    So how did we, at Quettra, build a team that complements each other well but also has the ability to take a problem and build out the end solution?  Our design interview.

  4. Oct 162014

    By Andrew Head, 2014 Intern @ Quettra

    Last January, I joined Quettra as its fourth employee and first intern. During my seven months at Quettra, I saw our team swell from four to nine employees, move from incubator space into a Mountain View office, and start developing a culture. For anyone applying, interviewing, or deciding to accept an offer, here’s a guide to the Quettra culture to prepare you for the adventures ahead.


  5. Aug 082014

    Exactly one year ago today, Quettra was incorporated with the goal of making it easier for marketers to reach the right audience at the right time. While audiences have moved fast to adopt mobile as their primary technology medium, marketers have been forced to use desktop targeted solutions that have been retrofitted onto mobile. Given how critical mobile users are for many advertising campaigns, it’s time that we rethink mobile advertising from the ground up. In the same way desktop advertisers took full advantage of technologies available in web browsers, Quettra leverages an understanding of mobile operating systems to build rich profiles of mobile users.




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