We are alive and kicking!

Aug 082014

Exactly one year ago today, Quettra was incorporated with the goal of making it easier for marketers to reach the right audience at the right time. While audiences have moved fast to adopt mobile as their primary technology medium, marketers have been forced to use desktop targeted solutions that have been retrofitted onto mobile. Given how critical mobile users are for many advertising campaigns, it’s time that we rethink mobile advertising from the ground up. In the same way desktop advertisers took full advantage of technologies available in web browsers, Quettra leverages an understanding of mobile operating systems to build rich profiles of mobile users.

Mobile devices are with us everywhere we go. They are the medium we use to be entertained, connect with friends, record and share experiences, measure the number of steps we take, and interact with the increasingly digital world around us. Just as we depend on our mobile experiences to enrich key moments of our daily lives, so too should we expect that the advertisements we experience connect with us on a personal level, matching our individual tastes and preferences.

We think of advertising as a three layer stack: at the base is a thorough understanding of the user, in the middle is the right set of advertisers and campaigns, and finally at the top is the perfect format and experience for a given user and ad. At Quettra, we are starting from the base and will work our way up this stack as we grow.

Quettra was founded with the vision to build an intelligent, sustainable, and profitable ecosystem to connect advertisers with their target audience via a mobile platform. We’re building software that can run on hundreds of millions of devices and systems that can process and organize tens of terabytes daily. The software and systems that we are building will serve personalized content and meaningful experiences at lightning speeds to users of our partners’ applications.

With this vision top of mind Quettra has raised $2.9M in seed funding from leading venture capital firms, angel investors and a strategic partner. The venture capital firms who participated in our seed round are CrunchFund, Data Collective, Google Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Miramar Digital Ventures and SV Angel. Our angel investors include Amitt Mahajan, Anthony Ha, Anna Patterson, Carol Sands, Greg Badros and others. Sungy Mobile Limited has joined the Quettra family as a strategic investor. Eswar Priyadarshan and Gokul Rajaram are advising Quettra on product and strategy.

We are in the exciting phase of building the scaffolding, so if you or someone you know would be interested in becoming part of an exciting company based in Mountain View, California, please reach out to us. Job openings are listed on our Jobs page. We also have a generous referral program for our supporters who refer their friends!

Be sure to follow this blog to stay abreast of our product and team updates as we move forward on this exciting journey. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Ankit Jain
Founder & CEO, Quettra, Inc.



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We are alive and kicking!

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