A Day in the Life of Mobile Users in India
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  • A user in India uses an average of 11 apps in one day.
  • A user in India spends an average of 3 hours on his/her mobile phone in one day, which is one hour less than worldwide users and two hours less than US users.
  • Indian users spend most of their time in Communication (48.3%).
  • Facebook, especially WhatsApp is a massive force to reckon with, as it dominates in terms of session numbers and session lengths.


Quettra software, that currently resides on over 150M Android devices worldwide, collects install and usage statistics of every application present on the device. Usage data is collected for apps running in the foreground. For this blog post, we analyzed hundreds of thousands of users in India based on usage data collected in June 2015. We computed the average app usage statistics per user and extrapolated the results to 110M Android users in India. Please note that for certain music and video apps, the usage numbers are low as we do not consider the background usage of these apps. We have excluded apps belonging to the Personalization category such as Launchers and Wallpapers as some of these apps tend to run in the background.


Continuing on with our A Day in the Life of Mobile Users series, here we present the findings in India. Indian users spend less time on their phone as compared to worldwide and US users. They also tend to use fewer apps each day as compared to worldwide and US users. The usage of Communication and Gaming apps is significantly higher than the worldwide average. Daily usage of shopping apps is about 4.2X higher than US data. At an app level basis, total time spent on WhatsApp dwarfs all the other apps. An average Indian user spends 25% of his/her total mobile time on WhatsApp Messenger. This number is 2.5X higher than an average U.S user. The usage of Candy Crush Saga is also significant. An average Indian user spends 17% of his/her total mobile time on Candy Crush Saga, which is 7.5%X higher than an average U.S. user. Hike messenger, a distant second runner-up in the messenger race has made its mark by surpassing Facebook Messenger in terms of usage. Facebook dominates Social category, but Twitter and Snapchat have not found significant usage in India as compared to the US.

Category Insights

An average user’s app-category usage breakdown is as follows:

Average Percentage of Time Spent Daily in App Categories in India

Comparing Time Spent In-App

Top Apps with the Highest Time Spent for 110M Android Users in India

Comparing Number of Sessions

Top Apps with the Most Sessions for 110M Android Users in India

How Does this Compare to U.S and Worldwide Usage?

For a look at the U.S. and Worldwide patterns in daily app usage, check out part one and part two of this series.