Apr 2015 Insights: Confessions of an App-aholic
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It’s spring shopping time. Shopping and soccer is the theme this month. With a plethora of shopping apps trending this month along with Champions Soccer league going on, let’s find out which apps are in style and which ones are sitting on the sidelines.


  • Amazon Shopping and Uber see a spike in usage in USA and Asia
  • Dubsmash continues to rock USA, Asia, and South America
  • Pinterest is catching the attention of European and Indian markets
  • Hola Launcher is gaining worldwide popularity
  • Modern Combat 5 is on the rise in Europe and Asia, while Real Racing 3 is topping the charts in South America, Asia, and Russia

On the Rise

Selling Like Hot Cakes

Heavy in demand, these apps are currently in vogue. With heavy install and usage rates, they are the trendsetters of this month. Dubsmash has hit a hat-trick by topping the charts for three consecutive months.

Selling Like Hot Cakes


Sold but Needs Minor Alterations

By driving heavy installs, these apps have certainly attracted attention with their style. However, they need minor alterations to further pump up their usage rates. Uber and Amazon Shopping have sparked an increase in both usage and installs in USA and India. Hola Launcher is the rock star in the world of launchers, by driving huge installs and usage across the world.

Sold but Needs Minor Alterations


Looked Great at the Store

These apps were attractive enough to drive heavy installs, but their usage has not picked up yet. Coinciding with the recent update of PlayStation 4, PlayStation app saw a spike in installs. AliExpress Shopping App also saw high installs mainly in Russia as they released an update to their app this month with an improved user interface.

Looked Great at the Store


On the Decline

Going out of Fashion

Both installs and usage are declining for these apps, indicating that these apps need a new makeover to engage their users.

Going out of Fashion


Staying the Same

Always in Style

With steady install and usage rates, these apps are timeless and continue to remain in style. Ingress, voted as the top android game by Gizmag and runner-up at the Android Central Best of 2013 Awards continues to shine. Textra SMS, another top-rated app, is also holding its ground.

Always in Style


United States

Shopping & Music

Amazon’s announcement of the “Dash Button” has sparked curiosity and interest among shoppers. This is reflected in a spike seen in both install and usage rate. Amazon’s Apple Watch shopping app that encourages one-tap buying has recently been released. Amazon is certainly trying creative ways to engage its audience, and the Amazon app is worth keeping a watch on.

Controversies surrounding Uber don’t seem to matter, as its continues to grow its install base. Another interesting trend that we observe this month is the heavy usage of music apps. My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes has revamped the concept of mixtapes by providing unlimited streaming and download of mixtapes. Voted as the Best app of 2014 by Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, Musixmatch Music & Lyrics continues to woo its audience.

United States Shopping and Music



Shopping & Mobile Recharge

Shopping apps are on the rise in India. Over the past few months, we have seen a rise in the popularity of different local shopping apps such as Flipkart, SnapDeal, Jabong Online Shopping, and Myntra Shopping. Amazon’s app is also slowly making its way amidst the local apps. Another trend that we have been observing for the past couple of months is the huge proliferation of mobile recharge apps that allow convenient ways of recharging minutes, managing data plans, and making online payments. Apps such as Uber and Pinterest that have been hugely successful in USA are also making waves in the Indian market.

India Shopping and Mobile Recharge


South Korea

Shopping and Finance

Smart card apps that provide convenient ways of paying are gaining huge popularity in South Korea. Apps developed by WooriBank are leading the pack in this category. Shopping is always a trend in South Korea, and this month is no different with Shopbuck emerging at the top.

South Korea Shopping and Finance



Gaming & Communication

Indonesia has emerged as a very dominant mobile market over the last decade. With over 200 million mobile subscribers, it is the fourth largest mobile market in the world. Huge popularity of gaming apps such as Real Racing 3, Despicable Me, Clash of Kings, and City Racing 3D makes it an extremely attractive market for game developers. It’s also interesting to observe that Waze (a hugely successful app in USA) is gaining ground in Indonesia.

Indonesia Gaming and Communication



Soccer & Games

Soccer fever has gripped Europe once again. With the UEFA Champions League going on, soccer apps are seeing heavy usage. Real Racing 3, an award-winning franchise, is currently topping the mobile racing game arena.

Europe Soccer and Games


South America

Soccer, Video & Photos

South America is also in a soccer frenzy this month and Live Sport Scores remains the most used app by soccer hungry fans. Dubsmash and B612 continue their popularity in this continent.

South America Soccer, Video, and Photos



Soccer & Photos

Live Sports Scores and Dream League Soccer are the top apps used by soccer crazy Africans. It is intriguing to see the heavy popularity of photo editing apps in the African market.

Africa Soccer and Photos


Window shopping continues…

Shopping apps are the top trend this month, while soccer apps remain popular in soccer loving nations. It is also impressive to see Dubsmash’s global winning streak. As we continue to window shop the app landscape, we’ll keep spotting latest trends and styles in the app world. Join us next month as we continue reporting about the trending successes and missteps in the app world.