Feb 2015 Insights: App Love is a Game—Wanna Play?
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App Love is a Game—Wanna Play?

We are back as we promised with fresh new insights about apps and their hits and misses.
This month is about sports and romance! From the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day to Soccer Fever and the Cricket World Cup, these events are reflected in the app usage. We study app usage and installs worldwide and also zoom in on a select set of countries and regions to find out which apps were courted the most and which apps did not make finish line.


  • Tax apps saw a high install rate in U.S.
  • Selfie apps Dubsmash and B612-Selfie with the heart most popular world wide
  • Dating apps saw a spike in installs, with Badoo and Tinder being the most popular
  • Soccer and Cricket apps saw an uptick in usage corresponding to the recent sporting events

February App Affairs

Worldwide Trend

Love is in the air, and dating is topping the score charts this month! Badoo charmed the audience driving the most installs, while Tinder ruled the field with the highest usage.

February Global Dating

On the Rise

Scored the Winning Touchdown

Users have really hit it off with these apps. Huge boost in installs and usage led these apps to score the winning touchdown.

February Touchdown

Close to the One Yard Line

Users have been heavily courting these apps, and the apps are driving high installs. However, they need to hustle to drive high user engagement and reach the end zone.

February One Yard Line

Winning Streak

These apps are currently sizzling hot on the field, but will they be able to defend their popularity amongst the competing apps? They’ll need to bring their A game to defend their success.

February Winning Streak

On the Decline

About to Fumble

These apps were rushing to their way to the end zone, and thereby saw high installs. But it appears that they are about to fumble and the success is nearly slipping out of their hands as the user engagement is declining. The NFL app saw a drop in usage after the superbowl, as the football season is over. It should recover when the season begins in the fall. Punch Boxing 3D was one of last month’s winners, but it appears to have missed its field goal this month!

February Fumble

Staying the Same

Solid and Formidable Score

These apps have scored high with the users and have claimed their territory with a solid score. Their courtship is strong and is steadily attracting more users.

February Solid

Basking in Old Glory

These apps scored high and were victorious in the past. They are basking in their victory as their user base continues to drive engagement. However, they need to score a new victory to draw in the crowd and regain their spotlight. Trivia Crack and CM Launcher were among the top winners last month and they appear to be holding their ground.

February Basking in Old Glory

United States

Dating and Taxes

It is said that “Nothing is certain, except Death and Taxes”. Well, “Dating and Taxes” was a certain theme this month in United States. Tax apps such as IRS2Go, TurboTax Tax Preparation, and Emerald Card – H&R Block saw a 1.5X spike in installs. Their usage has not gone up proportionally, indicating that users are preparing to work on their taxes. Meanwhile,, dating apps such as Badoo, MeetMe, Skout, and Tinder are heating up with a spike of 1.2X in installs.

February U.S. Trends


Cricket is the only religion!

Cricket World Cup fever has gripped the nation. As Indians are religiously watching and following the world cup games, cricket app usage has also seen a spike. The Star Sports Cricket Scores app has emerged as a leader amongst all the cricket apps, having the most installations and usage. Following closely behind in second place is the World Cricket Championship app.

Other apps that captured attention this month were Ola Cabs (book taxi in India), ladooo (free mobile recharge), and Jabon (online fashion shopping).

February India Trends


Hungry for Soccer!

As the saying goes, “In Europe, it’s different—you eat soccer, you breathe soccer, you drink soccer. Everything is about soccer.” European soccer fans’ insatiable appetite for the sport is apparent even in soccer app usage. Currently, soccer fans across Europe are rooting for their teams in the Barclay Premier League. Among the different soccer apps, LiveScore seems to have struck the chord with the Europeans, followed by Live Sports Scores. Other apps that wooed the Europeans this month include gaming apps (Trial Xtreme 4 and Call of Duty Heros) and entertainment apps (Ghosts in Your Photos and Tom’s Love Letters).

February Europe Trends

And the Game Goes On…

While dating and a plethora of sports apps were in full force this month, it’s exciting to look forward to what next month will bring. With March Madness on the horizon, one can envision basketball as a theme next month, but the global trends will be revealed in the data we observe via the Quettra lens. Join us next month for a fun filled adventure as we dig through the petabytes of app usage in March.