Mobile App Landscape: India Insights June 2015
18 mins

At Quettra, we’re fortunate to be sitting atop mobile install and usage data from over 135M Android users spread out in more than 150 countries.  In addition to helping mobile developers improve the core metrics affecting their businesses, we like to share the insights we learn from our data with the world.

There’s been a lot of recent focus on India with the proliferation of mobile devices and tech investment into this populous country. The rate of innovation has been compared to that of Silicon Valley in the 2000s and the tech-renaissance there is one that hasn’t been quantified. In this report, we try to take a first stab at this extremely mobile-device-powered country. We look at some of the most interesting trends and present insights about the app economy that haven’t been discussed before.

The June 2015 India Report, written by Deepti Chafekar and Hope Armstrong, will provide key insights including:

  • WhatsApp dominates the Indian app market with most installs and usage
  • Online shopping apps see a steady growth
  • Mobile recharge apps are on the rise
  • Ola Cabs faces fierce competition as Uber’s market share increases
  • Arcade games dominate the list of top installed, used, and paid apps
  • Cricbuzz emerges as the highest scorer among different cricket sport apps

The highlights above are just some of the insights contained in the report. Download the full 34-page report to access information that will give you and your business a competitive edge.

Table of Contents
Highlights – p. 4
Methodology – p. 4
WhatsApp Dominates the Indian App Market – p. 5
Online Shopping Apps See a Steady Growth – p. 5
Mobile Recharge Apps are on the Rise – p. 6
Taxi Apps Compete: Ola Cabs vs. Uber – p. 7
State of Cricket Sport Apps – p. 8
State of Games: Arcade Games are Widely Popular – p. 10
Category Insights
Growing Categories – p. 12
Top Communication Apps – p. 14
Top Sports Apps – p. 15
Top Photography Apps – p. 16
Top Music Apps – p. 17
App Landscape Insights
Top Apps by Installs – p. 19
Top Apps by Install Growth – p. 21
Bottom Apps by Install Growth – p. 22
Top Apps by Daily Active Usage – p. 23
Top Apps by Daily Active Users Growth – p. 25
Bottom Apps by Active Users Growth – p. 26
Top Paid Apps – p. 27
Co-Used Apps – p. 29
Time Insights
Top Apps by Installs on the First Day After Device Activation – p. 32
Device Age Insights – p. 33
About Quettra – p. 34