Jan 2015 Insights: App Affairs to Remember
3 mins

We have different levels of relationship with our apps. Some apps are like “love at first sight;” there is an instant connection, we install them, love them, and use them quite often. Some apps are like a fling; there is an initial excitement, and then the rush goes away. We part our ways with some apps and stay loyal and married to other apps, in sickness and in health!

We analyze the app relationships of over 50 million Android users to understand the complicated “love-hate” relationship dynamics. More specifically, our goal is to identify apps that are either rising, staying solid, or declining as seen through the month of January.

This is the first installment of our on-going study of apps and their growth rate. We aim to publish monthly trends, patterns and analysis. Let’s take a deep dive into the trends for this month.

On the Rise

Hot and Heavy

Users are going steady for the long haul with these apps. The huge boost in installs for these apps show a big spark early on in the romance, and the spark doesn’t die down. Engagement continues to rise throughout this month, resulting in a sustaining hot and heavy romance. A long-term relationship is looking promising for these apps!

Hot and Heavy Apps

Hot, but Need Spice

The initial wining and dining is what these apps are all about. They’re hot enough to reel in new users, but engagement within their existing users is declining. They’ll need to spice things up with their existing user base if they want to be successful in the future. While they’re hot installs now, the flame may wear off.

Hot, but Need Spice Apps

One Night Stands

Users are reeling in, but ultimately don’t stay engaged with these apps. The initial attraction is fierce, but the affair quickly fizzles away. Ah, well, on to the next fling.

One Night Stands Apps

On the Decline

Heading Towards a Breakup

These were hot, but now they’re not. Installs are stagnating and engagement is on the decline. These apps could be headed towards a rocky road.

Heading Towards a Breakup Apps

Staying the Same

Happily Married

Stable and committed, these apps are in it for the long haul. With huge user bases, they’ve courted most of the market and are steadily charming new users in their continued climb upward. It’s smooth sailing for these apps, as their installs and active users are rising at a steady rate.

Happily Married Apps

Holding Onto Old Flames

These apps have a penchant for making their existing users happy and engaged. Instead of searching for new loves, they’re romancing their old loves. With sluggish install rates and high engagement, they’re keeping the spark alive within their existing users. For January, there is a huge upsurge in engagement for NFL Mobile, as football fans are reaching the climax of the football season. Handy standby utility apps such as LinkedIn, Adobe Reader, and OfficeSuite 8 already have a large audience and high utility value. These apps need a makeover to attract new users.

Old Flames Apps

And they Lived…

It is interesting to see the fluid and dynamic nature of the apps. While Facebook and Google apps are holding their ground, apps such as Trivia Crack, Race the Traffic Moto, Badoo, are climbing their way up. Apps such as InstaMag, Hike Messenger, on the other hand, appear to be on a descend. Stand-by utility apps such as LinkedIn, OfficeSuite need to be revamped to drive more installs. In the upcoming months, we will be observing these apps closely to see which apps end up being just a transient flame and which apps have a happy ever after. Join us next month to follow the app chemistry.