June 2015 Insights: Summer of Apps
3 mins

It’s summer time and as the heat cranks up, let’s find out which apps are staying cool and which apps are getting toasted.


  • Amazon Shopping shows install growth in the USA, India, and Europe
  • Cooking Fever continues its popularity in the USA, Europe, and Asia
  • Dubsmash continues to grow in leaps and bounds in the USA and India
  • BeautyPlus gaining momentum in India and South Korea

On the Rise

Sizzling Hot – High Install, High Usage

With soaring installs and usage rates, these apps are swelteringly hot! New users are coming in droves, and they keep coming back. Inbox, Google’s new email app which was released last October, is creating the biggest waves this month as it has shown a fast rate of global growth. Meanwhile, the wildly popular Cooking Fever game continues its success from last month. QQ, Tencent’s communication app is heating up as well, particularly in China.

High Install, High Usage


On the Decline

Getting Sunburned – Low Install, Low Usage

For these apps, the sun has set, and the popsicles are melting. While they’ve had their share of fun in the sun, their installs and usage rates have started slipping this month.

Low Install, Low Usage



Amazon shopping shows install growth in USA, India, and Europe

Amazon is on the roll this month by demonstrating huge install growth across the globe. We featured Amazon in the April edition as an app to keep an eye on. Since April, Amazon has shown rapid growth in India as it prepares itself to compete with local leaders such as Flipkart and Snapdeal. In USA also Amazon has geared up and is all set to taken on the retail giant eBay. In Europe, Amazon is slowly buckling up to race with eBay and AliExpress. Amazon recently announced that it will promote July 15th as Prime Day – a mega shopping event filled with great deals and one-day delivery. It is clear that Amazon is going all out to gain more users and engage its audience.

Install Penetration of Amazon Shopping


Cooking Fever continues its popularity in the USA, Europe and Asia

We featured Cooking Fever last month as the fast growing gaming app in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The growth continues even this month, and there are no signs of stopping this delicious arcade style powerhouse.

Install Penetration of Cooking Fever


Dubsmash continues to grow in leaps and bounds in USA and India

Dubsmash has been on our top installed apps list since February. It’s on a five month winning streak with no signs of slowing down! This app has been hugely popular in the USA and South America. What is fascinating to see is that it is also gaining a huge fan base in India and parts of Southeast Asia.

Install Penetration of Dubsmash


BeautyPlus gaining momentum in India and South Korea

BeautyPlus has captivated the audiences of Southeast Asia such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. It has been a top photo app in these countries, but now it’s been charming the Indian audience since its huge spike in installs in April.

Install Penetration of BeautyPlus



With the summer solstice in our wake, it’s fascinating to witness the apps which are having their moment in the sun and the others whose tides have turned. Will Dubsmash continue its long winning streak and establish itself as a sustaining force? Will Amazon Shopping continue its worldwide sprawl? Will Snapchat lose its cool? Stop by next month as we answer these questions and continue to identify other piping hot trends from this tumultuous app world.