Mar 2015 Insights: App Primavera
4 mins

It’s springtime! We are back from our winter hibernation to explore how apps have transformed this month. Let’s find out which apps have blossomed and which apps didn’t make it through the icy winter.


  • B612 selfie app tops the charts for the second consecutive time, and Geometry Dash Lite is also keeping up with its prior success
  • Last month’s winner Dubsmash continues its popularity in USA, but its worldwide popularity is slipping in terms of installs
  • Mobile Recharge apps are on the rise in India
  • For the past three months, Trivia Crack has continued to hold its popularity in Europe

On the Rise

In Full Bloom

The B612 selfie app has been budding since January and has gone into full bloom this month in terms of both installs and usage. The Mobile Recharge DTH Shopping app suddenly rose to the top of the charts this month.

In Full Bloom


Blooming but Need Water

These apps are growing nicely with respect to installs, but still need some extra nourishment to further engage their users. Geometry Dash Lite and Xender, top apps from last month, continue to blossom. My Talking Angela peaked in January and has rejuvenated this month.

Blooming but Need Water


Short Lived Buds

These apps have maintained a high install rate for the past couple of months, but their usage is slowly withering away.

Short Lived Buds


On the Decline

About to Wilt

With declining user engagement and low install rate, these apps appear to be wilting away.

About to Wilt


Staying the Same

Everlasting Bouquets

With installs and usage growing at a steady rate, these apps are as fresh as daisies.

Everlasting Bouquets


United States

Video & Entertainment

FOX NOW saw a considerable growth in installs and the huge popularity of the hit show “Empire” meant new levels of usage and engagement on Thursdays (day after the show). Dubsmash, the video editing app, saw fewer installs this month as compared to last, but its usage continued to grow.

Everlasting Bouquets


Sports AT Bat saw an increase in usage as it launched its live spring training baseball games. Other sporting apps that saw a spike in usage were NASCAR Mobile and NBA Game Time.


Cricket & Mobile Recharge

Cricket mania continues in India, coinciding with the climax of the World Cup. This frenzy is reflected in the heavy app usage of a myriad of cricketing apps such as Star Sports Cricket, Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News, Yahoo Cricket, Live Cricket Scores, and World Cricket Championship Lt. Another interesting trend in India is the budding popularity of mobile recharge apps such as Mobile Recharge, DTH Shopping, Free Mobile Recharge, Laddoo, and TaskBucks.

Cricket and Mobile Recharge



Games & More Games

With soccer fever dying down, gaming apps have sprouted back in Europe. Trivia Crack that gained popularity in January, continues to spread its branches with increased uptick in installs and usage. Other gaming apps that have emerged as popular apps are aa and Trials Frontier.




Social apps are heating up in Asia this month. Chaatz, a social messaging app, is on the rise along with Secret, a social secret sharing app.




Sword Art Online and Candy Crush Soda Saga are hugely popular in Japan. The later retains the top spot for the second consecutive time. Another trend is that LINE apps have been consistently dominating Japan. Their apps, particularly LINE Pop2, LINE Pokopan, LINE camera topped the charts last month. This month, LINE Trio is popular among installs.


South Korea

Back to School & Gaming

As South Korean classes resume a new term in March, school apps are seeing a huge growth spurt in usage and installs. The popular apps include Everytime, TimeSpread Timetable, ClassUp – Timetable, TimeSpread Timetable, and Classting – Meet. In addition to school related apps, Comico has retained its popularity from last month.


The Gardening Continues…

Gaming apps are in full bloom this month, along with video and social apps. As we continue observing apps through our Quettra lens, we’ll keep spotting worldwide and regional trends. Stay tuned next month as we watch the metamorphosis of apps.