May 2015 Insights: App Commencement
3 mins

It’s the end of the school year, and the report cards are out. Let’s find out which apps stood tall on the podium and which apps just scraped through with passing marks.


  • Cooking Fever is gaining popularity in Asia, Europe, and USA, in terms of install and usage
  • Dubsmash continues its popularity in Asia and USA
  • Uber is on the rise in India, in terms of installs

On the Rise

Valedictorians – High Install, High Usage

Heavy in demand, these apps are currently in vogue. With heavy install and usage rates, they are the trendsetters of this month. Dubsmash has hit a hat-trick by topping the charts for three consecutive months.

High Install, High Usage


Falling off the Curve – High Install, Low Usage

These apps passed with high merits in their install rates. However, they could not keep up with the rest of the class in terms of usage rates and eventually fell off the honor roll. Last month, Ingress was maintaining a passable average in terms of usage and installs, but this month it has hit a bump in its academic record as its usage is slipping downward.

High Install, Low Usage


On the Decline

Heading to Detention – Low Install, Low Usage

Both installs and usage are declining for these apps, indicating that these apps need to study hard to improve their grades.

Low Install, Low Usage


Regional Trends

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever, an arcade style game is trending this month in USA, parts of Europe, and Asia. The install and usage figures of this app have been on the rise since March. With an overall install rate of 6% and usage growth rate of 5%, this app is worth keeping an eye on.

Cooking Fever Monthly Install Penetration



Dubsmash is a smashing hit in USA, and its popularity is spreading in other parts of the world as well. A month-by-month analysis indicates that Dubsmash is on a steady rise in the USA, with an install growth rate of 5% and a usage growth rate of 2%. Dubsmash has sustained its top spots for usage within various regions in our monthly reports since February, which is an impressive fête. It is particularly interesting to observe the rising popularity of Dubsmash in the growing economies of South America and Asia.

Dubsmash Monthly Install Penetration


Uber & Ola Cabs in India

Ola Cabs is an extremely successful app and cab service in India. It has commanded a huge install base. Uber has been on the rise in India since March and even though its user base is not as high as Ola Cabs, Uber has shown a jump in its install base over the past 30 days. In the coming months, it will be interesting to see if Uber can continue with its growing popularity and compete closely with Ola Cabs.

Uber & Ola Cabs in India


Schooling Continues…

This month, we continued watching the ever-changing trends of app engagement across the globe. Germany based Dubsmash continues its dominance in Asia and USA. Meanwhile, United Kingdom based Cooking Fever is gaining popularity in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Join us next month as we continue to watch the graduation of apps from preschool to college.